Why Employee Recognition Alone Can Change Your Workplace Forever

Thursday 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Session Description

Today, more than ever, business leaders are looking for ways to engage and motivate their employees to greater heights. But what if I told you that the single most motivating factor for any employee isn’t a bonus or reward but instead simple recognition for a job well done. Well the science is in and the people are asking but business leaders still lag behind the times and their people. Craig’s presentation provides actionable ways attendee’s can motivate their employees and create lasting change.

Learning Objectives

  1. Find actionable ways to implement recognition programs into their places of work
  2. Learn about unique and effective ways to motivate employees
  3. Learn why the current state of employee engagement is designed to fail

Craig Spilker

Craig Spilker is the current Chief Strategic Officer for AMPT. In this role, Spilker speaks throughout the country about ways HR leaders can motivate and engage their workforce. On top of his speaking engagements, Craig works with AMPT clients and their employees conducting leadership training and development workshops, core value building sessions, engagement and focus group surveys and much more. Prior to the professional world, Craig also coached collegiate and international baseball for over 10 years. His time as a coach prepared him for a career in leadership and talent development, and human motivation. Craig has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, with a specialization in Social and Organizational Psychology from Doane University.