Help, I’m Doing HR in a Bad Boss Culture

Wednesday 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Session Description

It’s hard enough handling the normal craziness and drama of human resources without the complications caused by ongoing, pervasive bad boss behavior! In this breakout session, we’ll share tips for HR professional on how to cope with a bad boss culture, and even influence it to change.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to know if you’re in a bad boss culture
  2. How to recognize and deal with bad bosses
  3. How to mitigate the damage caused by bad bosses; and how to maintain your own sanity when surrounded by bad bosses

Jeff DeWolf

Jeff DeWolf is the founder of Wolf Prairie LLC, an organizational effectiveness and leadership development consultancy. He’s passionate about helping clients understand and improve people practices and cultural health. After researching the very best, most insightful studies of engagement and culture, Jeff created the JobHapp365™ assessment which collects employee feedback on six critical workplace factors.

Having witnessed the undeniable connection between cultural health and leadership quality, Jeff created the Real-Life Leadership™ program for equipping leaders at all levels to really lead. It’s a twelve-module program that meets for 90-minutes a month to maximize knowledge transfer and produce actual behavior change. Jeff loves to speak truth to leaders about their personal impact and the need to be omni-dimensional, “shepherd-style” leaders. 

In 2019, Jeff launched a podcast called Braving Bad Bosses which shares 18 minutes of horror stories and helpful tips for surviving under a horrible manager. He is also an Authorized Partner and Certified Facilitator for Everything DiSC® personality assessments and loves to use them for team building, personal development, and leadership coaching. 

Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Organization Development from Bowling Green State University. He was a Ph.D. student for one day before panicking, quitting, and returning to a focus on practical, real-life solutions. He’s married with four children and resides in Overland Park, Kansas. He can be reached at 913-219-5353 or